Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summers End

After just returning from our last summer vacation, I am a little sentimental that summer has come to an end.  I always dread the end of summer because it is my favorite season, and I love all the excitement that comes with it.  The pictures below are from the amazing photographer, Slim Aarons, who understands how to capture that excitement of summer in a snapshot.  

picture titled: Nice Pool
I love the ballustrade is the far ground.  And LOVE that the dogs where included in the picture.

picture titled:Acapulco Villa
The good life!

picture titled: Scone Madame?
  What a perfect setting for a summer pool party!  

Picture titled: Poolside Gossip
The good thing is there will still be warm weather in Atlanta for the next few months and still many opportunities for poolside gossip.

All photos via www.photographersgallery.com

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