Monday, November 2, 2009

Swing into November

It is hard to believe that November is already here. The leaves are falling, and it is getting colder outside, but it is still not too cold to get outside enjoy the nice chill in the air.

I was recently asked to design a logo for our small neighborhood garden club. Our neighborhood is very family oriented and kid friendly, so I wanted the logo to illustrate that. After I few tries, this is what I came up with...

I love wooden tree swings, and think that it is such a timeless depiction of fun. My husband, his father and grandfather, spent a Saturday afternoon constructing this one for our front yard.

See the similarity between it and the logo I drew?

This one, courtesy of Country Style, is a little more dolled up version of the tree swing. So lovely!

This swing at Utana Bluffs fits so perfectly into the setting you would hardly know that it is there.

This image was the cover of a post card that Mary Palmer picked up at the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK last spring. I love how there are no leaves left on the tree, but the swing is still standing strong, ready for someone to come play.

This last picture is obviously not a tree swing, but how much fun would it be to have a chic rope swing like this in your house.

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