Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Hunt...

I am still on the hunt for that potting bench for an outdoor work space, and so is a reader from Athens who requested I do a post on potting benches and potting sheds.

This potting shed/green house from Bunny Guinness's website would be ideal, but most of us are just not ready for that type of commitment.
The above picture is just torture, because we can no longer get it. Can you guess where it is from?
Smith and Hawken we miss you dearly!

The galvanized metal top to the potters table above makes for a great work area. This find is from Vagabond Vintage.

There is always the old piece of furniture that you can turn into your potting shed. This serves as a great place to store your tools, but the only down fall is that it may not be weather resistant.

When stumped you can always turn to Martha, and as much as we may not like to admit it, she usually has a pretty good solution for just about anything. These last two pictures from her website are of make shift tables or benches.

These serve as a great way to display your pots, and they blend in well with the surrounding. This last one is simply four pots overturned with a slab of stone or wood on top.... a pretty great simple solution.

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  1. Thank you Chrissie! I think the last picture will by my temporary fix for now...I have a slab of stone identical to that. Great ideas!