Monday, October 12, 2009

Utana Bluffs

This past weekend we were invited to Utana Bluffs near Ellijay, GA.  This getaway spot, just over an hour from Atlanta, is one of the most well planned communities I have ever seen.  All of the home-sites have minimal clearing with just enough room for the houses.  

They all have incredible views of the Appalachian Mountains and the natural surrounding forest.

There are many amenity sites for the whole community to enjoy.  Frisbee golf, tennis, and fishing are just a few of the many activities that Utana Bluffs has to offer.  There are also...  

several common areas with timber pavilions, fire places or fire pits,  and dining areas.

several hikes to various waterfalls, look out points, and picnic spots.  

Our favorite was the community vegetable garden for all the homeowners to enjoy.  We helped ourselves to some basil, peppers, and okra.  

If you happened to forget anything there is a small "store" stocked with anything from paper-towels to wine.  

It is refreshing to know that there is a place just an hour outside of the city as natural and spectacular as this!


  1. What a magical place! I'd love to sit by that fireplace on a chilly evening.