Monday, January 25, 2010

Forcing Bulbs

The Southeastern Flower Show is next week, and our office is getting excited. We have been getting ready for our exhibit since September when we began the process of forcing bulbs.

To begin the process you first cover the bottom of a clay pot with about 1" of gravel then add the potting soil. Place the bulb just below the rim of the pot with at least 2" of soil below the bulb. Then follow the chart below. *To chill place in a cold basement or in a refrigerator keeping the temperature around 40 degrees.

After following the process above (with a few alterations... i.e. adding heat to those that are moving slow and putting some bulbs back in the freezer that are blooming to soon...) we are anticipating beautiful color for our exhibit.

This formula could be applied anytime of year. And makes for a great gift.

I may try to force bulbs for Christmas presents next year.

More on the Southeastern Flower Show to come...


  1. Lovely! I have been forcing paper whites this year, and our whole condo is filled with their scent. It's really lovely to come home to. Hope the show is wonderful! xo

  2. It is such a great treat to watch them grow! Thanks!