Monday, January 11, 2010

Greenhouse Gardening

With all of this cold weather it is just about impossible to get out and do any sort of gardening. That is unless you have a greenhouse... Then you are able to garden all year.

There are several pop up green house kits that you can find at your typical Home Depot, etc. These get the job done and you can place them just about anywhere.

BUT if you are going for style and would like to make the greenhouse a garden feature then it really gets fun...

This is an image of a "lean to" green house in which the back wall is the wall of the house.

This green house is perfectly set into my dream garden.

And this one...

Ill go with the latter choice and take the green house as a garden feature and focal point. Is the perfect garden included?

The last four images are found at Marston and Langinger.

If you already have a greenhouse and are looking for tips of what to plant this time of year than see the chart below:

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