Monday, February 8, 2010

Successful Show

The Southeastern Flower Show was a success. There were many beautiful gardens, arrangements, and exhibits, AND I had the honor of having a couple conversations with Vince Dooley.

He stopped by our booth twice over the weekend, and he is quite an interesting character.

Not only does he have a national championship, 6 Southeastern Conference titles, and 25 years as UGA's athletic director under his belt, he is also a remarkable gardener.

Here are some picture's of his beautiful 5 acre garden in Athens, GA.

A bridge over "Weeper's Creek." A name Vince jokingly gave it because after a loss he would stand over the stream and weep. I love the weeping trees that cascade over the bridge into the stream.

He also has quite a collection of container gardens where he experiments with Japanese Maples, Bonsai Trees, and Azaleas.

How gorgeous is this drive?
Lined with camellia sasanquas and a beautiful canopy of shade trees... how lovely!

Vince told me that he often sits in on UGA horticulture classes given by Michael Dirr and Allan Armitage. Above is a picture of him standing by the Dooley hydranges, named after him by Michael Dirr.

So stunning! I hope to see it in person one-day.

Pictures found here.

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