Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why are vacations always so short?

Vacations just seem to fly by these days. I take one day off of work, and it takes me three to recover. And now it is already Wednesday??
BUT, it was definitely worth it...

These are the pictures from Alys Beach that I promised.

The above picture is a fire pit at a community area in Alys Beach. There is an amazing lighting fixture hanging above the fire; it is hanging by chains from four palm trees. I unfortunately do not have a picture of this, but I will try to get one to post soon.
Every house has private court yard areas within the walls. A lot of them have these gorgeous pools as well.

The entire community is tied together with the rhythm and repetition of these gorgeous planters filled with tropical plant material.
There are so many creative design details in every aspect of the entire place.

You feel like you are in the Mediterranean rather than on the coast of Florida.

And, they have a great play ground for kids.

How creative is this? Fonville hill. It is a spiral mound made of grass for the kids to play on.

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