Monday, February 15, 2010


Just as the groundhog predicted, it is still winter outside and will be for a few more weeks. It was nice over the weekend when we were able to play in the snow, but now that the snow is melted and it is still freezing outside, what are we to do?
There are some colorful plants that can brighten up your winter garden, and help you hold out for the spring blooms.

Beautiful pansies and violas are always a wonder pick for the winter, and they look great in pots all by themselves.

Snapdragons are also a great choice and look wonderful as cut flowers in an arrangement as well.

Ornamental kale is a plant whose color intensifies in the cold, but will last all the way into spring. It is great for massing in beds and also looks wonderful in containers.

And one of my favorites, paper whites. They always look great, and are a fun center piece for arrangements.

Most of these winter blooms are on sale in nurseries now so it is a perfect time to go buy a few and brighten up your containers until spring.

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