Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily Reading

I have had my nose in a book for the past few days/weeks... more studying for the LARE. I just completed two more sections (out of the SIX!!) and still feel that there is no end in sight. I could go on and on about this licenseture exam and how impossible it is, but I will spare you...

During my studying I did come a cross a few interesting books that were not on the CLARB reading list, but were referenced in my study material. Although, most of these books would be more appealing to people within the Landscape Architecture profession, I thought some of them may be interesting to a broader group of people.

Described as a "vision of the future that combines the best of the past with realities and modern conveniences of today." What do you think about New Urbanism? It would be pretty nice to be able to walk to work and to the grocery store while running into friendly neighbors everyday.

Published over 25 years ago, Design with Nature was the first of its kind and changed many design fields dramatically. This book "offers a practical blueprint for a new, healthier relationship between the built environment and nature." It is pretty interesting to our generation that only 25 years ago this was a new concept! We are getting better and better everyday :)
This book caught my eye although I have not read it. Louv links direct exposure to nature as an important factor of a child's healthy development physically and emotionally. He further describes types of play habits and the importance of each. Check out the website to learn more.

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