Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daily Bloom

 Fall blooming bulbs can be the perfect remedy for a garden that seems to be winding down from spring and summer.   They seem to appear out of nowhere in the garden and bring such a fresh new look.  
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The Colchicum byzantimum, a species of Crocus commonly known as Autumn crocus works in zones 4 to 8.  It will bloom from late September through October in this beautiful pinkish lilac color.  

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Pictured above is the Colchicum 'Water Lily' often called Autumn crocus, but these flowers are actually part of the lily family, Liliaceae.  'Waterlily' are said to be satisfied in zones 4-9 and require full sun.    Each bulb produces a double bloom of this gorgeous lilac flower.

Fall blooming bulbs should be planted in early September, but once in the ground they will not take long for them to begin blooming.  For the Crocus and Colchicum it will only take about three to six weeks.  It is so exciting to watch these gorgeous blooms come alive in your garden!

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  1. Oh those crocus are just lovely! I usually see them in dark purple and yellow, that is really a very special color you have found there.