Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Planters Galore

I went to Birmingham, AL to see my oldest friend last weekend.  Both of our mothers came up and we had a wonderful girls weekend filled with shopping and fun dinners.  One of the best things we did was go to Tsitalia, a warehouse filled with imported mediterranean treasures.  Here are some of the fabulous finds ...

These huge copper pots used to be used for cooking, but now works perfect for a fire pit.  My bff, Lane got one for her back patio.

I want a copper sink like these in my next house.

These gorgeous urns are antiques imported from Greece.  These are beautiful, but pricey!
If you would like to get more bang for your buck, which we chose to do, you can go with these reproductions that have a great look as well.

I got these two pots to use indoors in my house.   

I love the effect when large urns that you typically find outdoors are used inside.  The images below are great example of this.  

Planters indoors or out are such a great way to add some "pop" to your garden.   You will be amazed at the difference a few containers can make.  

All containers pictured above by Container Gardening of Atlanta
No time to do it your self?  There are people who will do it for you... Container Gardening of Atlanta is a great company that specializes in this in the Atlanta area.   Inside Out Designs, (229.226.1319) is another great company that will come design your containers in the South Georgia / North Florida area.

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