Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daily Dreaming

I have always dreamed of an outdoor bed where you could sleep outside or at least take a comfortable afternoon nap.  Today I am really wishing for one of these because I have one of those lingering colds and the weather is just perfect for an outdoor nap.  Below are some dreamy pictures I have come across that just make your mind wonder.

photo by Slim Aarons

photo by Tim Walker

I would love for a client to request an outdoor day bed to be incorporated into their garden design.  Below are a few companies that make an outdoor bed in their furniture line.

This is one of my favorites by Janet et Cie's Denan collection.  Doesn't the little model look so cozy! 

The Sweet Water Cabana would be perfect pool-side!

This wicker daybed by Iraya would be fun to include in a children's play garden.  It would be such a great reading spot for children or adults.  

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  1. This is amazing... I could live in this wicker daybed. All i would ever need is an ocean view - and a glass of wine delivered everyday at 4.