Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Pony House

My sister requested I do a post on a small shed with one stall that could serve as a "pony house" in your backyard garden.  
Picture sister sent me of her dream pony.

This may seem like a strange request but you have to 1) know my sister and 2) know that we grew up with a pony in our back yard.  Ok, it is still a strange request, but I thought I would accept the challenge.

My first thought was the book Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways by Debra Prinzing.
Filled with fabulous ideas on how to make a backyard garden stylish, this book has so many functional yet elegant examples of good design.  Unfortunately there are none that would work for the "pony house."  I was also surfing on the authors website when I came across this...

A photo of Bonnie Manion's hen house.  I think that a bigger version of this would be perfect for a small shetland pony.  I love the vines growing along the side.  Add a couple potted hydrangeas in front and voila, you have your chic pony house.  I also think it would be perfect for a children's play house for those that do not plan on getting a pony.


  1. You had a pony in your backyard? Your mom was way nicer than my mom!!

  2. I grew up in Thomasville, GA (a small town in south Georgia) so that made it much easier!