Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Bang for the Beauty

I have just signed up to take Section E of the LARE, Landscape Architecture Licensing Exam, in December.  This portion of the exam, titled Grading, Drainage, and Storm-water Management, is a five hour graphic illustration consisting of four vignette problems that (if completed correctly) prove I am able to manipulate contours for efficient drainage and water runoff for a site.  With the passing rate less the 50%, this is said to be the most difficult of all the five parts.    I began studying this week by doing practice vignettes and plan to continue this until December.  

As much as I have been dreading taking this test, I am glad that I have finally taken the plunge and signed up.   Now, I am on my way to officially becoming a "professional."  Wish me luck! 

The above images are of a practice vignette, but that is an easy one!

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