Monday, October 19, 2009

Canopy Cottage

Most all of us have some magical memories of playing in a tree house as a child.  Here are some wonderful examples of great tree house designs that redefine the word tree-house and would be better suited by the title "canopy cottage."  Why not go out on a limb and build one at your house?


Via Home and Garden

via Abby Sharp Tumbler
Tree House at Utana Bluffs

Sorry, cant remember where this image is from.

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This last picture is not of a tree house.  It is actually called a "Duck Canopy" used for nesting, but I think that this hexagon style would be an adorable tree house.

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  1. These are positively dreamy! We live in an old mill without a yard right now, but I often dream about a tree house at the next house we buy. I like the term "canopy cottage" very much! xoxo