Monday, October 19, 2009


Tonight I am giving a lecture to a local Atlanta Garden Club. I will be lecturing on the four part master plan of timeless landscape design. This lecture is based on the book by Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan, Timeless Landscape Design.

I have realize that when hearing a lecture or looking through a coffee table book, it is sometimes hard to imagine your house ever looking like some of the extensive designs presented. It is important to identify the design principles that you are attracted to and begin to apply those at a fitting scale to your own house. The basic design principles include balance, rhythm, proportion, emphasis, and unity. I am considering doing a whole post elaborating on each of these principles so stayed tuned.

Wish me luck tonight!

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  1. Chrissie! You are SUCH a professional. :) What if I showed up and gave you a standing ovation? Fortunately for you, I have to attend a boring lawyer meeting, so I will be unable to crash the Garden Club.

    Good luck! You will do great!